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  • Mid-Year Planning: Tax Changes to Factor In
    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, passed in December of last year, fundamentally changes the federal tax landscape for both individuals and businesses. Many of the
  • Investing to Save Time Boosts Happiness Returns
    The more money you make, the more valuable you perceive your time to be — and the more time-strapped you may feel, according to University of British Columbia psychology
  • Marriage and Money: Taking a Team Approach to Retirement
    Now that it's fairly common for families to have two wage earners, many husbands and wives are accumulating assets in separate employer-sponsored
  • What is the employment situation report, and why is it important to investors?
    Each month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes the Employment Situation Summary report based on information from the prior month. The data for
  • What is gross domestic product, and why is it important to investors?
    GDP, or gross domestic product, measures the value of goods and services produced by a nation's economy less the value of goods and services used in
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